EVERY WEEK we bring you the best in live music across eight different amazing cities.  Our unique musical calendar embeds the currently top-selling iTunes Music Store track for each music artist playing live in your city.  We want you to be able to dive straight into the music, the sound of the music, before you commit to purchasing tickets or attending a live show.


Have you ever wondered what the local music scene sounds like in a city different from your own?  Our unique format gives you a chance to feel the PULSE of music in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or any of the other cities we are tracking, and we are adding new regions every month.  Many great music acts are “locally famous” in their own region and they are rarely on tour if they even travel at all.  Pulse Music TV gives you a chance to discover and listen to these hidden gems of the local music scene in a way that has never been possible until now.


We feel it is very important to support the music artists we love by attending their live shows and buying their digital download music online.  With today’s social media, supporting the music artists you love takes on a whole new meaning: even if you yourself don’t live in the area where your favorite music artist is playing live on any given day, you can promote their show to any friends and family you might have in that region simply by posting one of our music artist profile pages onto Facebook, Twitter or any similar social media account.


Besides supporting live music, Pulse Music TV gives you a unique opportunity to discover new music by listening to the supporting acts for any given concert or live music show.  We believe the “opening act” is a staple of live music productions for over 100 years, and even with all the technology we have today, we believe listening to supporting artists is still the best way to discover new music artists that you and your friends have never heard before.  We give each artist a level playing field, so whether they have 1,000 fans or 10 million, you can easily discover new music on Pulse Music TV and expand your musical horizons.


Each music artist profile page on Pulse Music TV shows you any live shows they are playing this week plus the hottest trending songs for that music artist based on their iTunes Music Store sales rank for the current week.  Each trending song includes a music player with a song preview so you can jam to the track.  If the song sounds groovy, a direct link to that song in the iTunes Music Store is just one click away.  The artist profile page also includes a full listing of every album ever released by the music artist.  These music albums are likewise ordered by their current sales rank in the iTunes Music Store.