As a marketing partner, you are on the front lines of our marketing outreach team.  You are responsible for discovering the proper official Facebook Page for a given candidate, and for inviting that candidate to be a FEATURED GAME on our platform.

Marketing partners must be self-starters who can achieve success without supervision.  You will be given a set of background information for each candidate: support url, company url, seller name, artist name.  Each of these fields comes from the affiliate partner database on the iTunes App Store.  Using this information you need to find the correct official Facebook Page for the game, find the contact info for that game, and using that contact info invite the game to be a FEATURED GAME on our website platform.

Games sometimes can be contacted directly on their Facebook Page, or sometimes you will want contact via email, or contact using a “contact us” form on the game’s website.

After you have finished contacting as many game contacts as possible (not all games will have a Facebook Page or contact info) you will submit a final report to us for the week.  The final report will count how many candidate games received invitations from you as well as opportunities for you to provide constructive feedback on our programs and processes.

If you would like to continue the application process and be hired for this contract, please answer the interview questions on our interview form.  Your answers will be reviewed and qualified marketing partners will receive an active contract from us on





When will I get paid? 

Contracts are finalized and payments made at the end of each week.

How much will I be paid?

Marketing Partners are paid USD$0.01 – USD$0.1 (between 1 cent and 10 cents) for each game that receives an invitation from them.  This is depending on the value and difficulty of contacting the game, which is determined by our system when we assign candidate games to you.

How do I get paid for my Qualification Write-Up?

You will receive your payments via after you accept the contract and submit a final report on how many invitations you sent out.