Local Marketing Partner Candidates: Qualification Write-Up



Because of the wide variety of ability and audience among Local Marketing Partner Candidates, your first production project is a Qualification Write-Up.  You will be paid up to $100 for your Qualification Write-Up based on the criteria outlined on this page.

Your initial Qualification Write-Up project gives you a chance to strut your stuff as a music writer and demonstrate your ability to produce a music artist write-up that conforms to our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.  After you self-publish your Qualification Write-Up on your own blog or website, you will submit the URL for your self-published Qualification Write-Up to your regional production review team for review using the “SUBMIT YOUR QUALIFICATION WRITE-UP” link on this page.  After you have submitted the URL for your self-published Qualification Write-Up, your regional production review team will produce an ASSESSMENT of your work within 10 business days of your submission.  This assessment will result in a per-write-up dollar amount valuation that you will be paid for your Qualification Write-Up and any subsequent music artist write-ups that you self-publish according to our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.  As a Local Marketing Partner you will be paid up to $100 for each of your music artist write-ups based on a number of different criteria.  Here is what we are looking for:

  • Good quality writing, evocative description of the sound of the music artist
  • Write-up conforms to all of our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.
  • Audience Quality, helping us build our audience of music-lovers and concert-goers.


Qualification Write-Ups are accepted on a rolling basis.  After submitting your initial Qualification Write-Up, as a Local Marketing Partner Candidate you will receive a decision from your regional production review team within 10 business days .





When will I get paid for my Qualification Write-Up? 

You must first submit your Qualification Write-Up using the “SUBMIT YOUR QUALIFICATION WRITE-UP” link above on this page.  After submission, your regional production review team will review your work and determine a payment amount for your music artist writeup.  If your Qualification Write-Up conforms to our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES and meets all of the criteria outlined on this page, you will receive a contract within 10 business days of your submission.   After you accept this contract your payment will be released within 10 business days.

How much will I be paid after publishing my Qualification Write-Up?

Regional production review teams are not able to quote individual compensation to Local Marketing Partner Candidates until the candidate has published their Qualification Write-Up and the regional production review team has approved this Qualification Write-Up as conforming to our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.

How do I get paid for my Qualification Write-Up?

After submitting your Qualification Write-Up for review, as a Local Marketing Partner you will receive a contract using a popular work payments system called Upwork.com. You will receive your payments via Upwork.com after you accept this contract.