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Awesome News!!

Due to last-minute cancellations in next week’s episode, some special opportunity advertising slots have opened up for our next publication window in your region.  We have selected a few viewers to be eligible for a huge discount on these placements, and you are on the list!  These promotional placements are just $2 for a one-week promotional listing, which is a massive 80% discount off of our regular music video listing fee of $12.  It’s really easy, all you need is to sign up and submit your Facebook Page plus an optional YouTube video if you want to promote with video.  The video is optional, Your video can be any YouTube video, it doesn’t have to be a music video!  This offer will expire at 5pm Thursday and submit your promotion right now!



Expand Your Reach

Let’s face it, 10,000 music artists can’t be wrong.  In just the past year alone, that’s how many music artists have trusted our unique concert promotion platform to promote their live performances, sell more tickets, get more new fans, and gain access to highly targeted regional exposure.  No other platform combines the power of music videos with the obvious practicality of a local weekly magazine.  Ever day our audience of thousands of music lovers is ravenously hungry for YOU, the talented music artist as they search for concerts to attend and new artists to follow.



Videos Rock

Unless you have been living under one (a rock, that is) you understand that VIDEO IS THE NEW INTERNET. Video is everywhere and all-consuming. But there is good news! Properly leveraged, your music video can actually compete quite well in today’s what-is-the-new-thing-right-now mentality. All you need is a platform that utilizes your music videos to get you more fans, more views and a bigger audience at your next live show. That’s where we come in. All you need to do is submit your music video to our platform and we will take care of the rest.



Touch My Soul

Let’s face it. Making music is more than just tickling the ivories or plucking some guitar strings. Much, much, much, much more. Making music is a spiritual experience, and so is listening to it. In terms of viewer attention span, the time/location details of a concert just a bunch of dry boring data. Year-month-day-city-venue-name-venue-address-booorrring. But YOUR SHOW is not just a bunch of boring data points, not for you and not for your audience. YOUR SHOW is an expression of spiritual fulfillment that’s just waiting to be experienced by your new fans.  If only these potential fans knew about your performance!  Our platform lets you combine up to 25 music videos with your concert details to make a truly compelling INVITATION for your new fans to attend and experience your live performance. Your music video serves to illustrate and inspire a small piece of what is guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime at your live show. Nobody ever forgets attending a live performance because it becomes a fundamental part of that person’s personal history, memory and experience.  Attending a live show is uniquely memorable experience.



Double Duty

When it’s time grow your audience it is absolutely essential for you to be as efficient as possible with all of your resources. After all anything distracting you from creating awesome music not exactly ideal. That’s why we have created a platform that uniquely promotes your live show and your recorded music right at the same time.  Internet audience members discovering your show on our platform will be getting you more “views” on your music video not to mention sharing your awesome music video with all of their friends on Facebook.  And also at the same time music lovers discovering your music video via social media will be inspired to attend your live show. Now that’s what we call Double Duty!



Zero Distractions

Most other websites have a thousand different things going on, all pulling fans away from your music. But not us. Our platform is solidly 100% centered on just one single thing: music videos. And in particular specifically YOUR music video is the focus of attention in our uniquely viral concert invitations. Our only desire is to showcase your talent and get more people to become part of your live audience. When it comes to promoting your live performance, our single-column mobile-optimized platform is the best possible investment you can make.



Pocket Rocket

To say our platform is “optimized for mobile” would be the understatement of the century. We are a MOBILE-ONLY platform and even on a weak device every page on our website loads in under 180 milliseconds.  That’s LITERALLY faster than the blink of an eye and about 500% faster than a drop of the hat.  Our small army of crack technologists is working while 24/7, cranking out the latest speedy technology units so you can focus on making great music instead of worrying about the “technology roadmap” for your band.  We are bunch of super-genius tech wizards who love music to death.  Your music is safe with us.



Uniquely Awesome

So what’s the bottom line? Our platform is a uniquely awesome sauce that is going to turn your next live performance into just pure gravy.  All you need to do is submit your music video and we will hook you up with a customized sharable profile on our website that doubles as a concert invitation as well as a streamlined experience for showcasing your music video. Your supercharged profile will serve double duty as a viral message for your existing fans as well as granting you access to thousands of new fans who are reading our regional publications on a weekly basis. Because think about it: your fans are already out there.  They already love you.  But they just don’t know it yet.  After discovering your music video on our platform your fans will discover you, they will love you, and they will be amazed.



Got Questions?

No Problem!!  Just submit your question using our inquiry form and we will get back to you right away.