Video Contest: This Could Be You

You can be the featured video in our weekly contest, just like ALLEGRALOUISE this week.  All you need to do is submit your video.  Every week millions of viewers participate in our marketing campaign to see what is the latest in YouTube video talent.   See if you qualify and we will blast you across our weekly publications spanning across more than 80+ of the top cities in the world, 7 national markets, and 3 continents. If you win the contest you will be featured on this page and you have the opportunity to gain thousands of new subscribers!




This Could Be You:

Allegra has a spectacularly successful YouTube channel: ALLEGRALOUISE.

ALLEGRALOUISE submitted her video to us and now she is the featured weekly video all over our website.  You can win this contest as well, all you need to do is submit your video.  Even if you don’t win the contest, your video will still be listed on this page and you will get thousands of views on your video.  So what are you waiting for?  Submit your video today and get more subscribers on your channel.




Expand Your Reach

Let’s face it, 10,000 music artists can’t be wrong.  In just the past year alone, that’s how many music artists have trusted our unique platform to promote their live performances, sell more tickets, get more new fans, and gain access to highly targeted regional exposure.  No other platform combines the power of music videos with the obvious practicality of a local weekly magazine.  Now we are expanding our platform to include EVERYONE, not just music artists, and start operating in all locations across the world..  Ever day our audience of thousands of music lovers is ravenously hungry for YOU, your products, your business.  We are actively seeking businesses, products, services and people looking for additional exposure in any cities and across the world.




Zero Distractions

Most other websites have a thousand different things going on, all pulling viewers away from you as the focus. But not us. Our platform is solidly 100% centered on just one single thing: your own business, product or service.  And in particular specifically YOUR subject matter is the focus of attention in our uniquely viral magazine invitation pages. Our only desire is to showcase your talent and get more people to become part of your audience. When it comes to growing your audience, our single-column mobile-optimized platform is the best possible investment you can make.  Right now we are running a special promotion just for you.




Pocket Rocket

To say our platform is “optimized for mobile” would be the understatement of the century. We are a MOBILE-ONLY platform and even on a weak device every page on our website loads in under 180 milliseconds.  That’s LITERALLY faster than the blink of an eye and about 500% faster than a drop of the hat.  Our small army of crack technologists is working while 24/7, cranking out the latest speedy technology units so you can focus on making great product instead of worrying about the “technology roadmap” for your promotonal efforts.  We are bunch of super-genius tech wizards who love technology to death.  Your content is safe with us.




Uniquely Awesome

So what’s the bottom line? Our platform is a uniquely awesome sauce that is going to turn your product into just pure gravy.  All you need to do is submit your information on the next page and we will hook you up with a customized sharable profile on our website that doubles as a invitation as well as a streamlined experience for showcasing your products and services. Your supercharged profile will serve double duty as a viral message for your existing fans as well as granting you access to thousands of new fans who are reading our regional publications on a weekly basis. Because think about it: your fans are already out there.  They already love you.  But they just don’t know it yet.  After discovering your content on our platform your fans will discover you, they will love you, and they will be amazed.





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